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    Hi all,

    I work mainly with server 2008 enterprise editions in a large educational sector that has virtually unlimited licencing options for server implementation. I have now been asked to assist in a SBS implementation in a commercial environment.

    I am finding it difficult to locate accurate information about licence/setup options for an SBS 2K8 server and what is required for either an RODC in a branch or another 2K8 server in a branch office.

    Can 2 SBS servers be in the one domain with each in a different site?

    MS Blogs on the premium setup seem to suggest that an RODC should be in the same site??? This seems defeating of the purpose of a site based RODC?? I have spent about 2 hours on this and can’t make head nor tail of it … the normal supplier of my harware – whilst they sell SBS have no idea (or choose not to tell me) exactly what combinations are available for an SBS 2008 domain across sites/branches.

    Is there a simple explanation somewhere that someone can point me at ….:confused:

    Thanking you in anticipation … :-)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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