SBS 2008 server

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    I have these specs in hand.
    2 X 80Gb SSD in Raid 0.
    4 X 500Gb in Raid 10
    3 X 1 Tb in Raid 5.
    16GB Ram
    AMD 1100T
    Gigabyte Motherboard
    LSI 9650SE-8lpml.

    I am using this as a test enviroment. As noted by other members, I do not need to use raid 10 on the sbs 2008. I have set up my SBS 2008 installation in Raid 10 and currently I have made a mistake of setting it up as 420Gb as C: partition and D: as backup 423Gb.

    I installed my OS 2008 R2 in Raid 0 SSD and switch on Hyper V. I setup the SBS on physical hard disc Raid 10 as LUN and it works properly. Problem is, if I want to change it to production machine and change the sbs 2008 c: to mirror it in Raid 1, what would I need to do to have it succesfully done? I will delete the data on d:


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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