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    Hi all,

    I’m testing sbs 2008 and my knowledge is pretty low, so I screw up a bit :). I decided to reinstall SBS know that the only important thing was really exchange. I have been doing backups with the Windows Wizard.

    After reinstalling everything, I tried to restore the application Exchange from my backup, thinking it would do the trick. Well it didn’t! I see the edb databases and the logs but impossible to restore them in Exchange. My first question : we can only restore Exchange on the same “server installation” … meaning that if one reinstalls the server, he won’t be able to restore exchange ?

    I managed to mount a recovery storage group and then hoping I could merge a selected mail box into one new one that I created. No success. Do you think this is possible ?

    So what do you do about Exchange backups ? If you server crashes, ok that is easy, you restore the hole sever, but let’s say you have to reinstall sbs 2008 but you don’t want to lose exchange (yes, I know that I can go on every users pc and export pst.. it’s not conveniant).

    Thanks for your feedback!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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