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    Right, so in 2008 we’ve got UserShares and the Users folders which get me confused every now and then but after consulting with the SBS Console let’s say the Users folder is where the redirected folders end up. I was asked to change permissions on one of the user’s redirected folders folder to allow another user to have access to it. While doing so I found myself in a situation where being logged on as administrator I was getting Access Denied while attempting to modify permissions. I messed about with changing the ownership to Administrators which wasn’t going well either but in the end I managed to do what I was asked for. Problem is… now the domain group Users has access to all the folders, subfolders and files within the Users share. What are the defaults apart from the Administrator and the corresponding user on these folders and is there an easy way to fix the permissions so only the administrator, the owner user and whatever other defaults have access to their redirected user folders?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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