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    Hi there,

    Thanks in advance to all who reply. I have a client with a Dell PE1800 running sbs 2003. The server has three 146GB disks. (One disk is taken offsite each month after it is Ghosted and then brought back and swapped every 4 weeks) They have a tape backup and also once a week do a Ghost backup from disk 0 to disk 1. All has been fine until this week. They reported that Ghost was failing at approx 80%. When I investigated and ran the Dell DSET diagnostics, it turns out that disk 0 has developed some bad sectors.

    At the moment the OS boots fine and all data is still accessible. If it had not been for Ghost, the bad sectors would not have been identified and the system may have continued to work until a major crash. What I am looking for is the best method to migrate this data to another disk so I can dump the bad drive. Is there a best method already detailed somewhere?

    At the moment they have:
    1 x 146gb disk 0 with bad sectors
    1 x 146gb disk with 80% ghost
    1 x 146gb disk with perfect Ghost image but data is 1 month old.

    Many thanks.


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