Sage 50 HR installation issue on SBS 2011

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    So far SAGE have not been able to support this issue hence the reason for discussing it here. This is the extract from the install log file which shows the issue:

    Beginning the Install phase of the installation.
    See the contents of the log file for the C:Program Files (x86)SageHR ServerSage.SBD.HR.Remoting.Server.HRService.exe assembly’s progress.
    The file is located at C:Program Files (x86)SageHR ServerSage.SBD.HR.Remoting.Server.HRService.InstallLog.
    Installing assembly ‘C:Program Files (x86)SageHR ServerSage.SBD.HR.Remoting.Server.HRService.exe’.
    Affected parameters are:
    portaddress = 5150
    logtoconsole =
    usedomainaccount = true
    sharepath = C:ProgramDataSageHR
    showcallstack = TRUE
    logfile = C:Program Files (x86)SageHR ServerSage.SBD.HR.Remoting.Server.HRService.InstallLog
    dataportaddress = 4197
    assemblypath = C:Program Files (x86)SageHR ServerSage.SBD.HR.Remoting.Server.HRService.exe
    language = en
    sharename = SageHR$
    Server install could not be completed
    System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryServicesCOMException (0x80072037): There is a naming violation.

    at System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntry.CommitChanges()
    at Sage.SBD.HR.Services.Utilities.Security.ActiveDirectoryManagement.CreateGroup(DirectoryEntry context, String group, String description, ADS_GROUP_TYPE_ENUM groupType, Boolean domainContext)
    at Sage.SBD.HR.Remoting.Server.HRService.Installer.HRServiceInstaller.CreateUserAndGroups(String serviceAccountPassword)
    at Sage.SBD.HR.Remoting.Server.HRService.Installer.HRServiceInstaller.Install(IDictionary stateSaver)

    Installing service SageHRService…
    Service SageHRService has been successfully installed.

    …so the error is “System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryServicesCOMException (0x80072037): There is a naming violation.” But carries on the rest of the installation fine, however with this issue the software does not install successfully.

    Any help/advice would be appreciated!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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