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    Hi all,

    im working with SBS2000 installed on IBM Server with 40 gig hd in raid.
    the problem is the the sys admin before me made a partitions of the 40 gig hd : 8 gig and 32 gig…
    he installed the sbs2000 on the 8 gig partition with all it features (isa , av…ect’ ) what left me a 1 gig hd space on the server with nothing i can delete.
    i want to add free hd to the win server partition.
    1) is it safe ?
    2) can i use util like partition magic 8 ?
    3) does i need to stop services ? restart in safe mode ?
    4) it there any better program ?
    5) or should i leave it the way it is and dont take any risks…

    will glad to recive comments, and tips if some of u did it already.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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