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Run a task when computer is idle

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    Hello guys,

    I need help to run a task when computer is idle. I’ve tried to run it through the Task Scheduler, but for some reason, it rarely, if ever runs. I think this has something to do with task scheduler wanting the cpu usage to be lower than 10% for it to run a task after x minutes of idle time. Which makes it hard for the scheduled task to kick in as expected.

    So I gave up on that, and tried to schedule it through the screen saver instead, as the screen saver is not as demanding as the Task scheduler when it comes to amount of cpu usage that needs to be idle.

    I downloaded a batch to exe converter, then converted the batch file to exe, renamed the .exe to .scr extension, and set the file as screensaver.

    Now the task runs more often than before, but its still not running as often as I’d like it to run (every five minutes). Sometimes it will run, others it will not. I think this has something to do with IE9. But even if I turn off all add-ons, it still sometimes does not run. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can schedule a task to run when the computer has been idle for five minutes?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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