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    Hi Guys I am currently running Exchange 2010 with many mailboxes over 6 databases. I am using a CASarray and have had no reports of any issues with internal users using outlook to connect to their mailboxes.

    I now have a bunch of 20 users who have no mailboxes on our domain and are configuring outlook to connect to a cloud exchange environment. Strangely enough when the complete the outlook profile they get a security alert “the name on the security certificate in invalid and does not match the name of the site” this alert is coming from our cas host server1.internaldomain.local where our certificate is configured for *.bla.domain.com

    Firstly I can not get my head around why the profile needs to attempt to use or certificate as the mailbox is on a 3rd party cloud. Secondly I am not sure why it is sending data back on the local server record and not the record on the certificate.

    Any help will be appreciated

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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