RPC over Http and RSG

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    Hi All

    I’m hoping someone here can assist me.

    A clients EDB corrupted today on SBS 2003, exchange 2003 and i created a recovery storage group to take effect and get them up and running while i restored the Infostore backup. so i mounted moved the production database out and forced the mount of a blank database and switched all the clients off cached exchange mode.

    i then restored the backup to the RSG and then took the production offline and changed the paths using ADSI Edit, however the First storage group does not want to mount now.

    The production Edb is beyond the point of repair now and i want to put the blank database in and import each users mailbox individually from a export i did from the edb using kernel exchange tools, my question is, how does this affect client currently sitting at a remote branch, accessing there email through RPC over HTTP, will the be forced to download their entire mailbox over RPC over HTTP once we put them onto cached exchange mode? or will that even work?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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