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    Good Morning,

    I have a scenario that I need urgent help and I’m just not sure on how to implement it and was hoping I could get help from you.

    The current situation is that I have a Windows 2003 Server with Exchange Installed on it which of causes does all the sending and receiving of emails which clients connecting directly to the exchange using Outlook.

    Now our company has grown quite large now and they are going to be having Offices in all countries Ie; Africa, Europe…

    I am having a CISCO plan implement which is going to connect all our offices together using IPSEC or VPN.

    Now my question to you if that the directors require Exchange servers to be setup in each of these country’s for sending and receiving of email. They want to keep the domain name the same for all users no matter where they are located Ie; @company,com not Ie;

    From my research I think the best way to do this would be to get a main exchange server that all mails would be received and then from there mails would be routed to the correct exchange server. Ie; Main server receives the email and sees that user1 is located in the US using the Active directory and routes the email to the correct exchange server that has that user on it.

    From what I can see the best solution for this would be to setup the main server initially then all the other servers I would connect them to the domain as additional servers then install exchange on each additional server. Then routing would be possible as the main server will see all the servers and see which user is located where and route the email to that server…???

    My question is that am I on the right path or is there a much better solution that I can implement? Someone suggested using Sites and services and replicating all mail and settings across the network… But that wouldn’t work as well cause it would be a over kill of data and no emails would be live as it would have to replicate first…

    Please could you help me in this respect I would like to implement the best possible solution?

    Thank you for your time

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