Routed IP and NAT

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    Hi all , wondering if someone can help me with some advice.

    I was using the netgear DG834GT wireless router uptil now with nat enabled and port forwarding for my exchange and webserver without any problems.

    However now I want to add another server to my setup and will be using another static IP of my allocated IPs. So I go about searching the internet and successfully setup IP Routing so that static IPs are now assigned to all my PCs. NAT is now disabled. and so is the router firewall.

    What I want is to use only 2 static IPs for my servers and private IP for any other computer/laptop connecting to the wireless network, while currently any device connecting to the wireless network is getting a fixed IP, anyone have any ideas how I can go about setting this up ???

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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