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    Greetings all,

    Probably not the correct subcontainer, but I am looking for a bit of a sanity check as we prepare to upgrade our clients to Windows 7.

    We currently have 3 sites on a PWAN with ADSL lines. We have a mixed environment currently restricted to Server 2003 domain schema. Site A is the head office where the main servers reside. Sites B and C connect to site A’s servers via Terminal Services, though they have local file servers for local roaming profiles.

    We currently use a combination of Roaming Profiles and Folder Redirection for ‘My Documents’. We also have a DFS namespace in place for users travelling between sites so that they do no synchronise documents over the network to avoid excessive traffic and only sync the local server.

    We have had various issues and inconsistencies with this setup; documents deleted from desktops re-appearing, offline files dissapearing when travelling and sluggishness in Terminal Services relating to the relationship between My Documents at the local and remote site due to Folder Redirection.

    The question is, are we over complicating things and are we likely to encounter even more headaches with Windows 7? Are 2003 group policies generally compatible?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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