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    I was wondering if anyone here might be able to help me here. I have been trying to get the roaming profile to work on my network. My server runs on SBS 2003 and connects a several workstations to it.

    I have followed the procedure or ways of doing this from the textbook. It works that i can login with my username that i just created on the server. I can also see the shared folder called “profiles” on the server and there is a folder after my account username there. That’s good so far.

    My question is this. Why does the folder that user exist on the local machine too? I saw this when i open the windows explore and went to C:Documents and Settings. Is this normal? should we have the user folder on the server as well as on the local machine. My understanding is that the folder should exist only on the server where we declare the profile path such as “myfileserverprofiles%username%”, not on the local machine where the user logs on. Please correct me if i’m wrong.

    It just looks funny that we’re gonna have all these users folders created. I mean if we have 10 users that have logged on to the same machine, then we’ll have 10 users folders sitting on the C:Documents and Settings.

    Thank you in advance

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