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Right-click menu/Ribbon disappears after a second or so

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    Hi, folks

    Microsoft Office 2013 Professional 32bit on Win7 64bit client. Been using it without issue for a couple of years.

    One of our staff reported a strange issue yesterday. When using Word/Excel if he right-clicks within the application the context menu appears then disappears after a second or so.

    I searched the web and saw various solutions, the commonest of which was to disable an add-in named Babylon which we don’t have installed. I have also examined the list of Add-ins via File > Options and tried disabling the Sage add-in for Excel (which is never used), but that made no difference. There are no Add-ins available for Word that can be disabled (no third party add-ins).

    Opening Word/Excel in safe mode results in the same behaviour. Double right-clicking, right-click and hold = same issue. Ribbon was fine.

    This morning I ran a Repair but it did not make any difference. Next, I uninstalled Office, rebooted, re-installed Office and now not only does the right-click menu disappear after a second, the Ribbon, which is usually hidden, disappears very quickly after being invoked. I have pinned the Ribbon so that it stays visible, but drop down menus disappear – although they stay visible for about 2 or 3 seconds which is difficult, but just about usable.

    Note that PowerPoint and One Note are not affected, and we don’t use Outlook. Other Windows software works normally and the right-click menu stays visible.

    I have also replaced the mouse and keyboard.

    I have used ShellExView to list the context menu handlers and cannot see anything that should not be there.

    Other Office 2013 Pro installations around the office are working fine.

    We still have Office 2003 installed but only use Access 2003 due to compatibility issues with one of our main databases. Word 2013, Excel 2013 etc., are the default programs for those file types.

    There is one other option and that is to remove the user account profile from the PC and re-create it. I’d rather not do this because, as luck would have it, the affected person is a manager and has been using his PC for quite some time so everything is set up ‘just so’. I thought I’d ask here first in case anyone has resolved this problem before.


    Just tried disabling Sophos Endpoint Protection – no effect.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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