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Riello UPS gracefully shutting down systems

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    Hi all,

    We have one of the bigger cabinet UPS systems and am in the process of setting it to ensure that it shuts down my machines gracefully in the event of a power cut.

    So having worked with APC’s and Powerchute in the past I went to Riello’s website and looked at what they have to offer in terms of UPS software.

    Now they seem to have multiple options of doing what I want to achieve and just wondered if anyone may have used these UPS’s and could advise the way they found worked best, or if they employed multiple options.

    So they have a bit of software called Powershield. Which is where you go and connect it to the UPS over the network (the only connection to the UPS we have), they say that you install this software on every physical machine you have and in the event of a power issue the machine will look at the job list and (if battery low for instance) shut down or you can also get it to run a script.
    The way I see it you could in fact just have this installed on one machine, then get it to run a script that shuts down all the other machines. They also provide a Vm shutdown script to use for VM’s and hosts.
    Issue there is that if the power comes back on the script is already running, and as there are a fair few systems to shutdown it could be an issue.
    The other issue with this software if we install it on every physical machine I would have to go and manually tweak the settings on each machine to get it to shutdown in a specific order.

    They also have a vSphere Management Assistant. A little Linux VMware that you can spin up and setup. The option go through and ask for your vm host details, any dependant vm’s, if your DC’s are physical/virtual and if you would like it to shut down any physical windows systems (which you would then need to put in credentials to allow it to do this).

    The route I am currently looking at taking is that I am going to have to use a script regardless as we have SAN’s that will need ssh commands to shut down, as well as connecting to Managed PDU’s to power off some network equipment. Then use the VMA’s to shutdown the VM’s and the rest of the physical machines can have the software installed on them.

    Just wondered if anyone has any suggestions or have used this Riello software and might know of any pitfalls I may face going with this multiple approach method.

    Thanks in advance!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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