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restore tests

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    doing a bit ot testing. This is based on 2008 r2.
    Ive installed a single 2008r2 server – dcprom’d etc and then I take a system state backup of it.(just a vm on vmplayer) then turn it off
    I then install another server and call it the same name and present the disk that I used for backup to it. I install the ad role on it – no promo or anything.
    I then reboot to dsrm – and do the system state restore. This all works fine and then login. That’s fine – non auth restore
    open dns and that all looks ok but if I open dsa.msc then I get Naming information cannot be located. specified domain deoesnt exist.
    ad services are stared ok.
    all nltest commands pretty mush say domain doesn’t exist etc/.

    I thought if I restore a state to another server with same hardware then all should be ok.

    is this not the case or what am I doing wrong – this is purely some testing so that if we do have a dark day then its easier

    only real error in event logs is event 1126 – cant establish connection to global catalog
    only other message is 1109 to say that the InvocationID attribute has changed since its been restored
    also see event 1202 this computer is now hosting the specified directory instance, but active directory web services could not service it
    it then give s a 1200 and says its doing it ok now
    can also sysvol isn’t shared

    don’t mind scrapping and doing some other tests just want some pointers on if the logic is flawed etc


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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