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    We have a customer that is unable to restore the system state of a Windows 2008 server. They haven’t tested the restore before and when they needed it, they unfortunately found out the hard way.

    This server held all FSMO roles, was DHCP and was an Enterprise CA. The FSMO roles have been seized. The server has now been placed into an isolated network from the production systems. We have been able to restore the DHCP database, so that has been re-located. We have the certificate database.

    I was wanting advice on the restore of an Enterprise CA under these circumstances. The enterprise CA does the following;

    • Provides a certificate to SCCM
    • Provides client side certificates

    We don’t have the private key backed up. I am not an expert with CA but I was presuming that it owuld not have to be a reinstall of a new Enterprise CA and then rolling out the relevant certificates via Group Policy and adding one back into SCCM.

    However, everything is working fine at the moment and was wondering the possible issues that may occur. I want to minimise disruption to service.

    Any advice appreciated. Thanks.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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