Restore a Ghost image locally on a hdd using ramdisk.

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    Hello, here is my problem.

    I am looking to create a bootable hdd that boots into ghost 11.
    I then want to be able to select a ghost image from 3 images stored on a 2nd partition on the same hdd (3 different images for different setups) and then to image over the hdd.

    So far I have put the 3 images on a hdd and by using a bootable usb stick with ghost i can select an image of my choice and image over the hdd. (ghost prompts that you are imaging onto the same hdd that the image is on but restores ok and boots afterwoods).

    However I am looking to do everything from one hdd so that the usb stick isn’t needed.
    Please could someone let me know if it is possible to create a winpe image with ghost 11 on it that boots into ram disk from the hdd. From here the appropriate image from the 3 on the hdd is selected and then the image is ghosted over the hdd?

    Any help would be appreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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