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    Hey folks,
    I’ve been doing some digging around but have yet to find more than best practices etc which suggest what to do but give no details and certainly don’t address problems I’ve seen before.

    Basically we deal mostly with single SBS 2003 environments and are shortly going to be impliment a two site AD setup.

    In the past, I have dealt with an SBS 2003 setup with a secondary 2003 standard server. The 2003 server kept failing but for some reason loads of the PCs insisted on trying to connect to the failed server instead of reverting to the online server which is something we never looked into fixing. We just decommisioned the standard server because it was pretty useless.

    Which brings me to our new project.

    The main office has a 2003 SBS server up and running with a 2003 Terminal server not running active directory.

    BT are installing a 10 meg link to a new building down the road. This will be running a few things, so we have been asked to set up a 2003 server with active directory at the new building.

    Easy enough, but what I have never looked into is how to ensure that the PCs at the new building connect to the controller that will be there and the current PCs at the main office stay connecting to the SBS domain controller.

    There’s probably some guides already out there but I can’t seem to find the right search for them!

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