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    Kobe 310

    i have asked a similar question to this before, but at this point i am spent on research, trial and error. I’ve been trying to fix this since March,
    i would like to resolve a server NOT on the domain. i would like to type in the hostname/wordpress name and it take me to the website on the server, which would be the hostname/wordpress/admin, to the login page.

    i lookup up split dns, and came up with the below.

    On my domain server, i’ve added a primary forward lookupzone name and unchecked “Store the zone in active directory”. I clicked next on “Create a file with this file name”. Next was a box checked by default “do not allow dynamic updates”, so i kept the same.

    When finished, i created a new Host A record with in the zone. I left the name blank to use the parent domain. I typed in the ip address.

    when i do a nslookup, it shows it resolves, but when i go to the web browser, type in the hostname/wordpress name, it doesn’t load. if i type the ip address of the server, on a client computer, with the hostname under windows/system32/drivers/etc, it works. But deleted, it doesn’t.

    On the client computer that i’m trying to access the hostname/wordpress name , i have the dns pointed to the dns server as the proffered dns server.

    Am i doing this all wrong, or a little wrong. Is this not possible

    Also, is there i way to find out what(internal server, external server) is resolving an address….tracert hostname?

    Thank you

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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