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    This issue is regarding the KCC automatic generated replication links. I have three AD DS sites, within AD they are configured correctly with regards to site having the correct subnet.

    What wasn’t setup correctly was the SITE LINKS!!!! they were all under one DEFAULTSITELINK. I think the KCC has setup a small mesh type replication topology which is not correct. SITE A is my HQ and this has hardware vpn’s to my other sites SITE B and SITE C. Site B & C cannot communicate with each other, directly or via SITE A(I don’t need then to).

    My Sites and Services displays an automatic created replication link under NTDS for SITE B & C, which cannot replicate due to the physical layout…… Now, due to the physical layout I have re-configured the SITE LINKS to mirror the physical connections, I now have 2 SITELINKS, each with 2 site within, firstly I HAVE a SITELINK containing SITE A & B, then another SITELINK with SITE A & C.

    I was hoping the above(KCC) would remove the replication link under NTDS for SITE B to C, but it hasn’t!!!! AM I OK to MANUALY delete this auto-created REPLICATION connection.

    Sorry for the length of the post.


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