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    Not sure if this should go under the banner of AD or DNS

    We changed the Network connection to one of our sites so the sites subnet has been changed.

    Server 2003. AD 2000 Native

    Full replication is not occurring between between the server at this site and the server at the centre of our replication topology – That is to say the server at the site that has had its address changed can pull replicate from the centre site but the centre site can not pull from the site with the address changed.

    NSlookup is correct on both servers. I can telnet on ports 135, 139 and 389 from each server to its counter part so I don’t believe its a connectivity issue.

    I have pointed both servers to the centre server for their primary DNS and then upstream to the parent domains DNS servers.

    running a DCDiag on the server at the site with the address change there is an error

    Testing server: XXXYYY
    Starting test: Connectivity
    Although the Guid DNS name
    (GUID HERE._msdcs.DOMAIN) resolved
    to the IP address (OLD IP ADDRESS), which could not be pinged, the
    server name (YYY) resolved to the IP
    address (NEW IP ADDRESS) and could be pinged. Check that the IP
    address is registered correctly with the DNS server.
    ……………………. YYY failed test Connectivity

    However looking through DNS I can not find any records relating to the old IP address on either server. However an NSlookup using the server with address change for the Guid record resolves the old IP so there is a record somewhere……!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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