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    Hi all,

    Because I got a new server for our company, I first want to do some tests with it. (the old will be used as a test or backup server later)
    I’m going to replace our old Windows 2000 server with a new 2003 server. The old server is DC, takes care of DNS and DHCP. It is also a file server and exchange server.
    It is the only DC in the domain.

    What I want to do is installing the new server as (P)DC (and maybe keep the old as BDC, if it is possible) Because I don’t have any experience in installing or migrating DC I need some help. What do I have to do?
    Should I first install the new server as DC and then migrate Active Directory and stuff(and how can I do that)? But how do I make the new server take over the (DC-)tasks of the old server?
    Is it better to install the new server as BDC first and then take the PDC out of the network to replace it with the new BDC? Or is that a waste of time?

    I found so many things on the internet, but all a little bit different, that I don’t see the forest through the trees anymore ;)

    I also want to install exchange 2003 on the new server, is this a good idea or should I leave exchange 2000 ?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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