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    I am having problems renewing my SSL certificate which is due to expire on 20/10/2007.
    I originally configured this following the article here:

    It has worked fine for 2 years, but now with the certificate expiring in 5 days, I have tried to renew it.

    I went to IIS on the exchange server and to the directory security tab.
    Clicked on Server Certificate and chose ‘renew’ followed the defaults and then followed the notes at the above link from the section ‘Getting the Pending Request accepted by our Certificate Authority’
    This looked like it had renewed the certificate for a further 12 months, but then OWA and OMA didn’t work!

    I had to go back to IIS and chose ‘replace certificate’ and replaced with the original cert, and OWA and OMA worked again.

    Please can anyone let me know where I have gone wrong and what is the correct procedure to renew your own certificate for OWA



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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