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    Our network consists of two domain controllers, the primary and a backup, a Domino mail server and IBM Sametime server. All servers are installed with 2008R2, contain no child domains and does not have Exchange. Our existing internet domain where we get our email from is being retired and so I created a new internet domain with the appropriate A and MX records to reflect the new name. With the IBM Domino server, I can create documents that would reflect email as originating from the new domain name but if the header is examined closely, the originating server will still reflect the name of the domain being retired. For reasons that are lengthy to discuss, I’ll just say that it is totally unacceptable to company management that this would be the case. so, in lieu of not being able to purchase new gear for a new installation, I elected for the domain rename.

    I made sure all updates for both DC’s were done, reviewed all the event logs and found them to be all good… cleared out the event logs. From a domain member server which has RSAT installed, I performed tests with dcdiag / /v /e /c and all the tests came back as passed.

    I created the new zone file and from the member server with RSAT, I ran rendom /list and modified the Domainlist.xml file to reflect the new domain… changing the ForestDNSZone, DomainDnsZone and DNSname to reflect the new domain and the NetBiosName to reflect the new machine Netbios name. I then ran rendom /upload followed by repadmin /syncall and both reported success.

    I waited 5 minutes and then ran rendom /prepare and that’s when the first errors showed up. Both DC’s reported:
    Failed to prepare : 5
    Failed to prepare : 5

    I have looked all over for an explanation to this error and have struck out. Can anyone offer a cause or corrective action to take so i can continue? The DcList.xml file has both DC’s State field as Initial with the Lasterror field as 5.

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