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    K, here’s a tricky one,

    For some reason, the previous member of staff set up the home directory’s for users in strange format:


    Eg. \filestore101users$Site1AQ1

    In some cases there’s even a site sub directory

    EG. \filestore101users$site1HRAq1

    Now this is causing a bit of a problem since i plan on migrating the data to a new file server. Now ideally, what I’d like to do is flatten the structuer (i.e. no more subdirectories in the users$ share).
    This would be simple enough if the users home directory was named after their username since i could simply flatten the strucure and run a batch file to rename the homedirectory path to \filestoreNewusers$%username% however the user’s folders are named in a completely random manner eg AQ1 or AQ01

    So i’ve got a few options, non of which are ideal when you consider i have 800 users.

    option 1) Recreate new users folders using the %username% command, then copy the contents manually from the old users folder to the new folder.

    option 2) flatten the structure and keep the old folder names and then rename the path to the users home directory

    I was wondering if anyone has a scipt or know’s a programs that will rename a user home directory based on their username or if anyone has any other solutions to my problem.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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