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    This is my scenario. I have a folder named “Former Employees” in AD. In that folder are all of my former employees.

    There are 492 accounts in there, give or take one or two.

    I need to remove all “Member Of” groups, both distribution and security groups (except for the group ‘domain users’ of course) from every account in that folder.

    I’d rather use PowerShell than go through 492 accounts individually.

    What I’ve found so far while googling my question isn’t really helping me. There’s some good stuff I’m finding but it’s not specific to my project, and by specific, I don’t mean exactly what I need. I’m looking for something to get me started.

    My groups are spread out all over my AD structure rather than being in one contained folder as I have multiple locations around the USA and each location has its own OU.

    I’m going to continue googling but if any one has any PS strings they can drop in here, that would be really, really helpful.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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