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Remove VPN settings from ASA5505

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    Am not very proficient with the ASA but need to either remove all VPN settings that were created by an individual or know where to change settings. The VPN was created to permit remote access using Windows RDP and the Cisco VPN client version 5.x. Each client on the network was able to launch the Cisco VPN client to establish the connection with the ASA and then use the Windows RDP to connect to their workstation. All worked for the past couple years and then the network domain went through a rendom process after which the VPN fails. I can decipher some of the current configuration where the settings would lie by using showing the running configuration but not enough to know how to change them. Have also looked through the ASDM at the endless settings that exist for the VPN. I don’t expect there is an easy method to simply clean out the settings so if there is a way to change what is there to get it working again that would be great.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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