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    I had a user leave today (my boss) so went to remove his mailbox as I normally do but using the Exchange AUDC snapin, Exchange Tasks, Delete Mailbox. BUT, i clicked on Remove Exchange Attributes by mistake.

    Now the users mailbox settings have gone (OK) but the mailbox is still there. Normally I would just reconnect but I cant see this option, and also I am now getting loads of errors in the Exchange Application event log of

    Event ID: 3012
    Source: Sever Activesync
    Error: An error occurred while accessing the Active Directory for user []. Information cannot be retrieved from Active Directory due to an unknown error. Verify that the Exchange ActiveSync Server can communicate with Active Directory, and that the user has a valid account.

    Any idea how I can clear the errors or just ideally get rid of the mailbox as its not needed now.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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