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    We are running an Exchange 2003 server with Outlook 2003 clients.

    User2 worked as an assistant for User1, as such User2 had access to User1’s Mail and Calendar. User2 has moved on to another position at the company and should no longer have access to User1’s stuff. I removed the rights from User1’s Exchange advanced -> Mailbox rights and User2 is no longer granted Send on behalf, but still – as I open User2’s Outlook I can Open other users folder and gain access to User1’s stuff.

    I’m stuck here. I think I’ve looked everywhere! But obviously I’m missing something, please help me brainstorm!

    I’ve already tried to open User1’s stuff from other user accounts, just to make sure it’s not open for everyone and therefore also open for User2 – but it isn’t open for everyone.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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