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    James Haynes

    hi guys.. im not sure if this is the most apropo forum, so if it belongs to another area, accept my sincere appoligy and move it as needed mods. thanks…

    so i have this network at a small school. i had nothing to do with the setup, but i know currently it isnt working out. being that they have a crappy infrastructure (CAT5, not even e; daisy-chained netgear switches; mixed mode devices 10/100 & 10/G servers/client/routers; etc..) i am trying to make the most of what they have. so while ‘go buy new stuff’ is a viable answer that would solve the problem, that isnt an option.

    as it stands, they use an old dell server as an IAS box. it is slow and isnt even equiped with gig ports. so what i would like to do is remove it as an IAS server and replace it with a dedicated UTM device. i have decided on EFW, as i am familiar with it and can implement/manage it.

    so here is the problem.. they have policies that determine the amount of access they have. the IAS is acting as a firewall and content filter for the campus… thing is, im not super familiar with IAS.

    long story long… can i just stop IAS, drop in a new EFW/smoothwall box and change the DHCP issued gateway address to reflect the new EFW? im just not sure what would happen with the policies if there is all the sudden no more IAS.

    im rambling.. but i think i got my question out there. lastly, has anyone ever done something like this before? do you have any tips, experiences, caveats, horror stories or the like they would like to share?

    thanks for taking the time to read this far, and thanks in advance for any input.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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