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    Hope all is well. We have a strange problem I’m hoping someone have some suggestions. We have a RDS farm with RemoteApp that have been running for a few months without any major issue. From time to time, users would report an issue where if a RemoteApp is minimized for a while, it can’t be restored to size – well, it does restore to size but the application is transparent. There is a hint of the outline of the application window but the entire content is clear as if nothing is there. Hope I’m describing it right. Has anyone experience this and have a solution? this only happens if RemoteApp is launched from remote network where there is a firewall in between the user and RemoteApp server. At first I thought maybe minizing the app would cause the virtual tunnel to go quiet so firewall times out and disconnect the session but that is not the case. The user can use Remote and Desktop Connection to close the application and relaunch without having to authenticate through the firewall.

    Any suggestion on what may be causing this and how to resolve?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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