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    I was wondering if anyone has ever encountered an issue with carrying out the following or know of a better way.

    Scenario: We will be moving up to 100 mailboxes from Exchange 2003 SP2 to Exchange 2010.

    Setup: 1 AD Forest with Exchange 2003 SP2 organisation and another 1 AD Forest with Exchange 2010 organisation

    Both Forests are connected together via a 10mbps lease line and trust each other.

    A shared namespace has been configured. When mailboxes move over, they will receive a new SMTP address space and emails destined for their old email address will be re-routed via Exchange. This is setup and working.

    We propose to carry out a remote mailbox move using this approach.

    (1) Create the relevant user objects in the Exchange 2010 Forest that will be associated with the linked mailbox

    (2) Ensure that all Exchange 2010 CAS servers have the MRS service enabled and MRSPROXY service enabled

    (3) Carry out a remote move and ensure that the PowerShell command used, sets the mailbox as a linked one

    I was also wondering what your opinion was on the mailbox hosting. The Exchange server hosting their migrated mailboxes will be a different physical location to their AD accounts. They will use MAPI to access their mailbox and of course the credentials of their user account within the Forest of the Exchange 2003 Forest as they will be accessing a linked mailbox in Exchange 2010. Subject to testing, would you say that it is feasible to allow MAPI access via the lease line or is it best to use another method, should it not be possible to move an Exchange 2010 server physically to the Exchange 2003 site?

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