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    Hi, Running ASA5505 at the office, where we have 3 Site to Site VPNs running from this device.

    My Site to Sites say are called site1, site2 & site3

    Ive now set-up remote access vpn for some user to connect into the office from home, using the ciso client (IPSEC)
    I can connect and access resources on the LAN, however i cannot connect to resources at either of Sites 1,2 or 3, i.e the resources connected by the site to site vpn. from the office this is no problem.

    When i look at the IP which the client gets it does not show a gateway address. i was assuming the new gateway would be the ASA? i only see gateway of my router at home.

    Any ideas.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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