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    Hello everybody,
    Congratulation for the site.Amazing information and very helpfull.
    First of all sorry for my english.They are so good.
    I have the following problem.
    In an existing Primary domain controller (W2K Server)i have a virus that uses some of the windows system files like,explorer.exe,winlogon.exe,svhost.exe,spoolsv.exe and more.
    There is no antivirus program that can clean this up.(i tried on line scan with :NAV,BitDefender,F-Secure).In additional the current backdoor virus uses the ports of other programs like the default port of SQL (1433) and some others which means that the company can not use not only the current port but no other for connection with the current client of SQL in any port.
    I have tried to change the port but there was no connection.
    I have decide to setup the whole server from the begining.It is a Compaq proliant ML 350 with SCSI 641 controller (3x74GB HD on RAID 5).
    I have the following questions?
    What will happen to the other station when it will be no DNS?
    Will they have network conection between them?
    What steps should i do first and what do i have to pay attention.

    If you have any ideas please reply.
    Thank in advance!

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