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recovered ACAD files invalid.How to reconstruct invalid .DWG files?

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    Hello ! About a month ago the HDD (wd7500bpkt) of my Acer 7750G laptop decided to teach me a lesson about backing up data and not putting all the information on the same data storage device no matter how reliable the classic HDD has become. The hdd failed and I tried to fix it with a recovery software and damaged it even further. I took it to a data recovery firm and they managed to recover some data but most of it is non usable(I am referring to .dwg files). The following message appears when I attempt to open a damaged .dwg file: “Drawing file is not valid” However, the file amounts to 1177 KB* which, to me, means that the file contains information but with missing bits; those missing bits may be interpolated using those that are intact as I don’t think the .dwg file is encrypted with random sequences that can not be predicted(*that is roughly the same size it had prior to the failure). I found [MOD EDIT] but have not tried it yet. Has anyone tried repairing a damaged .dwg file and was successful in doing so ?What was the procedure, what software has been used? Thank you !

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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