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    I have requirements to remotely access a number of computers (mix of servers and workstations) where RDP is not an option or as a fallback to RDP. They are a mix of members of a number of domains and standalone machines. True unattended access is required (user often not present when remoting in), as is the use of standard ports rather than faffing around with firewalls which I may not have access to. Looking at 30-50 machines maximum. Ability to delegate control of particular machines to other people would be an advantage, as would web based deployment where I can send a link to download a personalised client

    I have used LogMeIn successfully for a number of years, but the pricing has crept up and up (from about £150 per year for unlimited clients on LogMeIn Central to a proposed renewal fee of £450 for LogMeIn Basic 100 clients), so now at a point where I am looking for alternatives.

    Recommendations please for free or substantially cheaper options? I am hoping to come down to about £200 / $300 per year, or even less

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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