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    Hi all,

    i’ve done a search and found a couple of ‘old’ threads with links to my issue, but they are years old and those links that are still existent may well be out-of-date… here goes with a new thread.

    I need to be able to read and interpret BSODS on Win 7 Pro x64 (i7 cpu), as some of our cad pc’s throw up wobblies for no discernible reason.

    I installed WinDBG, but couldn’t get it working correctly, even after making sure i had the correct ‘symbols path’ (i’m sure that will mean something to those in the know). So i uninstalled it all (think it was for AMD64 anyway, which may account for the errors i had with nkoskernal not loading??))

    Would someone mind telling me EXACTLY what i need to download and from WHERE for my appropriate system and then WHAT to do with it all. There seems to be loads of stuff bundled with debugging tools, but i’m sure i don’t need all of them.

    Sorry for sounding like a lazy gimp, but beleive me i’ve spent all morning seiveing through webpages that are either out-of-date, irrelevent or too damn confusing.
    I’ve never tried troubleshooting .dmp files before so its totally new to me and i need an idiots guide from the wise.

    Any up-to-date help would be really appreciated.

    Thanks :)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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