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    So Im in the midst of implementing our VM network and Im noticing a strange issue. If I run a continual ping on both of the hosts every so often a packet or two will drop and then continue as normal.

    If I run a ping on the switch which the guests are connected to all is well and it pings all day long. Ive switched the nics from the production network to the management network to make sure its not them and the same continues to happen.

    The management network and the production network are on the same vlan (shouldn’t make a difference?) with nic teaming enabled.

    I have also plugged them into a different “physical” switch to test if its that but it doesn’t make a difference – any ideas please?

    Also apologies if Ive missed any vital info – just ask and I will say.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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