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    I’ve been tasked with trying to provide a health check solution for some of our customers who are running small ESXi or Hyper-V servers. These VM hosts are typically running 1-3 virtual servers. The hardware is across the board from HP Proliant ML370 to a whitebox Seneca Data server with an Intel S5500BCR board… Raid controller cards from Intel SRCS16, 3WARE 9750, to Adaptec 5405.

    How can we properly monitor the raid array health on these hosts (for this post, specifically the HYper-V, since I’m in the Hyper-V section)? Preferably with a daily email updates, and of course emails on failures.

    I’ve scoured the web looking for details and come up with several possible solutions… But, nothing that I’ve been able to implement yet. We’d like to be able to be on top of these arrays so that it’s one less thing to lose sleep over. We have backups, but don’t want to have to rely on them in the event of a crash.

    My background is a little different. My previous life included a lot of EMC equipment that was responsible for monitoring/backup/replication… We had a Clariion CX4-120, Avamar, RecoverPoint, etc. and Navisphere (from EMC) was responsible for health alerts, and you had EMC behind you if a drive was failing. Unfortunately, our customers aren’t ready to drop $500k+ on server equipment and so that’s where I’m at…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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