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    Hello everyone again ,
    I have a question i dont know if this is the apropriate part of the forum where i should ask this but if its not here or this forum doenst have a special area for this please remove it or delete it .

    So here it goes :
    I have a 2003 server for backup other computers information (Acronis software).
    IT works like this a 300 GB HDD standalone for the system and other 4×300 GB HDD used like 2 HDD in RAID mode.
    A week ago one of the HDD of one of the array got damaged and now i received a new one(exactly the same type).
    The question is what are exactly the steps that i have to do when i put it back so it wont delete the other HDD(The one with information on it and).
    Thank you very much , i hope i expressed my problem well

    P.s.: Or if you know a HDD RAID forum .

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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