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    Hi All,

    Please help me if you can.
    I have “File Server Management” installed on Windows server 2003 to do software-type Quota’s on different directories within the same Hard drive.

    As I have Folder Redirection, “Desktop” and “Application Data” being redirected to Windows Server 2003 server, which goes to “E:AppData” and “E:Desktop”
    they both have quota template of 100MB and many of our students hit the limit, because they use DropBox.

    Now the issue is, It logs events such as Category “Quota” Event “104” – “A quota has been reached” now the stupid thing is, it records these messages into the “Security” Event Log. And I can’t see any setting to NOT record any, or change them to another location in Event Viewer.
    I have a 1GB file limit on “Security” to record logon/logoff events as standard for a whole month. But the Quota has filled all 1GB in 5 hours, and got rid of all the logon/logoff events.

    And I can’t really find what’s making this, because it the ‘File Server Management’ there is a setting to put a record into Event Viewer, which records into the ‘System’ with category ‘ntfs’ information event. which is disabled, which I had enabled in the past.

    many thanks

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