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    My exchange Server 2010 server has been working perfectly untill the past weeks when I started having queues on my server.
    Its a single server with hub, mailbox and CAS installed on.

    The issue is some mails quickly leave the queue but some stay hours before getting delivered. Mails coming into my domain are successfully and quickly delivered.

    I am receiving 451 4.4.0 Primary target IP address responded with:”421 4.4.2 service timed out..” Attempted failover to alternate host, but that did not succeed. Either there are no alternate hosts, or delivery failed to all alternate hosts. The DnsConnectorDelivery is also set on Active and Retry status, but the mails keep on building in the queue. Coupled with these are #5.7.1 sender is not authenticated errors.

    I have checked all configurations on my send connectors and nothing seems to have changed. I have not applied any recent updates too.

    How can I get around this?.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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