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    Hi, was doing on a search n come to here. Hope u guys wont find my first post here a troublesome one. Appreciated all help render.

    I have a SBS2003 server running as my Domain controller Active directory n Exchange server in Domain “CLDM” and I have another NT 4 Server as Domain Controller in Domain “CLEM” and one more Server 2003 application server as member server in “CLEM” All PCs in the office are join under “CLEM” domain.


    1) Can I shutdown NT4 Server (DC) , then down the SBS2003 server (DC n Exchange server) rename n join SBS2003 to CLEM domain and dcpromo it as DC?

    Remark: Personally I think I cant join SBS 2003 in this manner due to the complication that it is a Exchange server. Can explain to me on this?

    (Not Link to question1)

    2) My SBS 2003 being a Domain controller. Can I join Server 2003 as a member server and do a dcpromo to Server 2003 to make it a Global catalog server (BDC) ??

    Remark: I know I can do this if both server are Server 2003, but between SBS2003 n Server 2003?

    3) Is it safe to use RPC over HTTP for my exchange server? Is it safe? If using this method, does it mean I have to install RPC proxy server on my exchange if I have no spare server?

    4) Lastly, from my office sceanario above. There is no fallback if my exchange crash. Is there anythg suggestion u can give me on having a fallback plan if exchange fail?

    Thanks a lot and sorry for the list of questions.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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