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    Years ago we had an issue with an older 2003 server and exchange…the backup and restore preformed by a professional didn’t do so well.

    We have a potential bug on our server that it’s doing anything harmful, we know it’s there and no normal means are able to find it and remove it. I don’t want to discuss that in this tread as it’s being discussed in other locations.

    We do the daily shadowcopy backups on the system.

    Here are my backup/restore questions:

    1. How well does it work? Is the restore process peppered with concerns since there exchange on these machines?
    2. Is it most likely that we are simply going to restore the same bug back onto the system or is the restore process a overwrite of system files and simply a restore of config stuff DNS, DHCP, Exchange
    3. Can it be restored to another server easily? In my case I’d like to go from our RAID5 SCSI to a simpler RAID1 SATA solution. Assuming I get the right sizes on the HD needs.
    4. Am I out of my league here and need a true profesional this time? Most people I know (professionally) with great Exchange and MS skills simply don’t touch SBS boxes!

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