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    Hi All,
    I would like to know if following setup is possible.
    The environment is like this, mostly windows 2003 sp 2 dc
    Like this there are several domains, now this what i have done so far
    1. Setup AD LDS instance in one of the child domain for example, synchronize OU=USA from into CN=USA,CN=ADLDSInstance,DC=us,dc=corp,dc=net.
    Now i know above is possible and can be achieve however i want to know whether following is possible or not
    synchronize OU from to CN=ADLDSInstance,DC=us,dc=corp,dc=net, similarly other OU from other child domains.
    Then replicate (or create replica) CN=ADLDSInstance,DC=US,dc=corp,dc=net to CN=ADLDSFRT,DC=corp,dc=net
    Is above setup possible? if yes then what kind of permission i would need on other domains? I tried however i got error of invalid dn syntax. At this point i am not sure if synchronization across domain is possible or not.

    I wanted to know if changes from AD to AD LDS instance synchronize on its own ones AD LDS is setup and initial sync is completed or do i need to run the sync manually everytime there is a change in AD.

    Navdeep [v-2nas]

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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