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    I am using Star topology in my network to replication data between domain controllers. I have one mail site(say A) and remaining all my 10 sites are replicating with DCs in A site without any problems. I got another new site B and I created site link for that also to replicate with A site. Now all 1-10 sites plus B site are replicating with each other through Site “A”. So far I don’t have any problems. But frequently the WAN links between some of these 1-10 sites and site A are going down and causing the replication to stop between these sites. However, at that time, they are able to connect to the site “B” without any problems. So, to make all my 1-10 sites continue replicate with each other when connectivity to site A is down, I have created new SiteLink connectors from 1-10 sites to site “B” with cost higher than SiteLinks from 1-10 sites to Site “A”. So, Ideally, when site A is available, all 1-10 sites should replicate with each other through site “A”. When it Site “A” is not available, all the 1-10 sites should automatically create replication connectors to Site “B” as they have next least cost connections to Site “B”.

    Though theoretically this sounds good, practically it is not happening. When the connectivity to site A goes down, the 1-10 sites are not replicating with each other through site “B” and instead throwing replication errors. I am not sure what went wrong here. Is there any mistake in the way I created site links? or is there any other better way of providing redundancy to replication?

    Let me know if you need any more details. I am using windows 2003 active directory in native mode.

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