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    We have two locations where domains are created.

    Location- A domain- dom1.com

    Location-B domain-dom2.dom1.com

    I joined one Windows XP client in location B to dom2.dom1.com domain.

    I created one user in dom1.com, say mike.

    When mike user try to login in windows XP client, mentioned above….and click options during login time….both domain appears on ctrl+alt_del window….

    When mike select dom1.com…he can log in…

    but when he select dom2.dom1.com..he fails…

    both domains have Global catalogs and replicating.,,,

    Why mike cannot login into dom2.dom1.com…..

    I have read somewhere that domain users of one domain can log on to other domains ….if GC is available in that domain…

    what does it mean ???

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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