Puzzel! access denied to overwrite exe file (update) in a full shared folder

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    Hi! (need help to sort out this puzzel!)

    the layout is:
    server 2003 minimal configuration 5 users 4 win98 and 1 xppro
    a shared folder with acc. app. written in dos,
    the folder has full contol to everyone -all users (domain,power user)

    from win98 station software is running ok starting a simple batch file

    cd ro

    ….. app is loading

    from xp station we get following answer to the same batch file:

    cd ro
    Access is denied
    ….. app. is not loading

    this simple test is suggested by the sw company to test the rights to the folder
    and fails for all stations (remember w98 can work!)

    N:RO>copy cp.exe cp1.exe
    1 file(s) copied.

    N:RO>copy cp1.exe cp.exe
    Overwrite cp.exe? (Yes/No/All): y
    Access is denied.
    0 file(s) copied.

    the same test is performed on the server login with admin rights- is ok

    from xp station as admin we get the same error
    local xp is set with admin rights

    the outcome is that xp station is not working updates from all stations can not be done, and all rights to the disk and shared folder in full access!

    What else do we need to check?
    (clue -if someone sorts out the sw company test problem, he sorts out the app. problem )

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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